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it's nice to meet you...

My name is Liz Cartolano.


I am the owner and operator of Willow Root Branding Co.

As an ISFJ personality (Myers Briggs) my entire existence is catered to the desire to help people. Being a creative person and loving technology, that sparked a passion for graphic design that I have never been able to walk away from. With the keen eye to detail and the innate ability to help others, Willow Root Branding Co. was born.

People often ask why the name? Well, as trendy of a name it is, it actually has a deeper meaning. In my eyes, your brand isn't just a logo - it is who you are as a person and business. There is an intrinsic nature of a brand, it is deep, rooted. So as I was coming up with a name, I knew I wanted something to reflect that. Willow trees have one of the most amount of roots than other trees. They standalone, big and beautiful. 

The biggest reason why I started my business was for my family. As a new mom, I couldn't fathom going back to work in a dental office and leaving my child for 10+ hours a day. Luckily, living in a digital world I was able to branch out and start working from home doing something I really enjoyed.

Thank you for being here and supporting my small business! XO, Liz.

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